The James Martin Institute for Public Policy is delighted to announce that applications for the JMI Policy Challenge Grant will open in early 2022. This brand-new grant program offers a unique opportunity for academic researchers from our member institutions of Western Sydney University, the University of Sydney and UTS to generate and communicate insights on some of the most significant and complex public policy challenges facing New South Wales.
In its first year, applicants can apply for grants between $25k-$100k. The total value of the grant pool in 2022 will be $300k, with the Institute intending to grow this figure in future years.
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An opportunity for academic researchers to shape the future of public policy

The JMI Policy Challenge Grant will be awarded annually to outstanding academic researchers interested in undertaking applied public policy research or translating their existing research for a policy audience.

The Grant program will enable academic researchers to help advance policy outcomes that serve the people of NSW into the future.  The program is designed to foster engagement between academics, policymakers, and community stakeholders in order to maximise the positive impact of policy-relevant research.

Inviting applications from all disciplines, the JMI is committed to awarding grants for work on any topic that has a strong potential to catalyse policy reform for the benefit of society.

Leveraging the JMI’s extensive network and in-house expertise, we will partner with grant recipients to effectively share their insights with policymakers, other practitioners, and the wider public.

At its core, this grant program is about promoting innovative ideas, fostering relationships between academics and policymakers, and creating high-impact work that will be relevant to decision-makers for many years to come.

Libby Hackett, CEO

The Institute will provide targeted support to translate and communicate research findings and ideas for those audiences. We will also facilitate direct engagement with policymakers and other relevant stakeholders.

Grant recipients will become part of a supported community of researchers engaged in tackling public policy challenges.

Next steps – keep informed

A dedicated webpage and application portal will be published in February 2022 providing detailed information about the grants process and timelines.

The first step in the application process will be an expression of interest (EOI). The entire application process has been designed to limit the burden on applicants.

A series of information sessions will be scheduled in early 2022 for interested applicants at the University of Sydney, Western Sydney University, and UTS.

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