Domestic and family violence continues to be a problem of epidemic proportions in Australia. It affects people of all ages and backgrounds, but especially women and children.

Against this backdrop, the James Martin Institute for Public Policy is pleased to present its summary report on ‘Reducing domestic violence reoffending’ – the result of a collaborative project with the NSW Government earlier this year.

Working with a panel of expert advisors, the joint project team developed a research report on perpetrator interventions aimed at reducing domestic violence reoffending in the period immediately following an initial offence.

“JMI’s collaborative projects are a powerful means to tackle hard policy problems like domestic and family violence. This project addressed the especially complex challenge of reducing reoffending and developed possible ways forward in NSW, building on practical insights from efforts in other states and countries.”
– Patricia Faulkner AO, member of the project’s Expert Advisory Group

The connections formed between policymakers, practitioners and other experts will be an ongoing asset for the NSW Government as it develops localised strategies for the state.

Learn more about JMI Collaborative Projects here.

Further to this project, the James Martin Institute is proud to support ground-breaking new research led by Associate Professor Ghena Krayem from the University of Sydney on domestic and family violence services in culturally and linguistically diverse communities in NSW. A/Professor Krayem’s team includes researchers from Western Sydney University, The University of Melbourne, and La Trobe University.  Click here to learn more.

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