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What we do

JMI’s mission is to drive policy innovation that will address societal challenges and improve lives. The JMI model brings policymakers together with experts to generate practical policy ideas, build ongoing relationships across sectors, and deliver real impact for the public good.

Policy Areas

JMI’s collaborative approach is designed to tackle complex problems, such as inequality, renewable energy, or accessible health care.

The Institute has identified several interconnected areas where we see a strong potential to contribute to significant policy reform and innovation:

  • The new economy

  • Skills, education, and equality

  • The transition to a net zero economy

  • The social and economic vitality of our regions

  • The future of healthcare and the care economy

We especially welcome opportunities to engage with partners on these areas, though we remain open to working on other policy priorities as they arise.

Our workstreams

Collaborative projects

JMI collaborative projects are unique. They are delivered by joint project teams, comprising of Institute staff, policymakers, and academic experts. An Expert Advisory Group (EAG) provides advice and direction to the blended project team.

JMI collaborative projects:

  • Tackle the big, multi-dimensional policy challenges facing governments

  • Leverage expertise from academics, policymakers, practitioners and the wider community to deliver innovative and pragmatic solutions

  • Forge dynamic collaborations between academic experts and government policymakers that enable ongoing relationships

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These projects are jointly agreed between government, other partners and JMI. Get in touch to find out what projects are in the pipeline to see if your area of expertise aligns with our current activity, or to discuss partnering with us on a project.
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Rapid response capability

In recognition of the pace and complexity of policymaking, JMI works with government and other partners to deliver rapid response options that support robust policy development and outcomes. These rapid response options involve a variety of outputs and activities, including:

  • Connecting policymakers to experts

  • Facilitating analytical policy workshops

  • Producing short policy briefs

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JMI Policy Challenge Grant

This prestigious annual award program supports policy-focused research that tackles some of the greatest challenges facing NSW. Through a rigorous selection process, grants are awarded to outstanding academics undertaking applied policy research, or translating existing research for a policy audience. Successful projects generate new insights, foster engagement between academics, policymakers and other stakeholders, and support policy outcomes that improve lives.

Key benefits:

  • Receive research funding

  • Foster policy innovation

  • Maximise impact

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See our website to apply for a JMI Policy Challenge Grant.
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JMI Policy Fellows

JMI Policy Fellows pursue independent and rigorous policy-relevant research with a strong potential to generate public value and impact.

There are two streams for these fellowships. The public service stream provides suitably qualified public servants with the opportunity to pursue independent in-depth policy research through the Institute. The academic stream provides researchers from our member universities with the opportunity to develop and share their policy-relevant insights.

All JMI Policy Fellows will undertake an analysis of a significant policy challenge or opportunity for NSW and develop bold yet feasible recommendations for public policy and government action, backed by relevant evidence. Their work will contribute meaningfully to future policy options benefiting the people of NSW.

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The Policymaker

The Policymaker is a digital publication of the James Martin Institute for Public Policy. We are a platform for policymakers and the public to access opinion articles on innovative and constructive ideas and proposals. The Policymaker is solution-driven. We take an independent and non-partisan stance.

How to get involved

Learn more about how to submit your pitch for a Policymaker article here.