The challenge


JMI partnered with the independent NSW Anti-slavery Commissioner and his Office to bring together experts and identify the key strategic priorities for combatting modern slavery in NSW.

This helped the Commissioner prepare the first Strategic Plan in the state. Through convening expert workshops and providing strategic, expert-informed policy development support, the collaboration harnessed the expertise of academics, not-for-profit leaders, business and industry leaders, unions, and government policymakers. JMI co-hosted an event with the Commissioner’s Office to launch the Strategic Plan in June 2023, bringing together over 200 stakeholders working to address modern slavery and helping to build a community of purpose to take the Plan forwards.

In a nutshell

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The NSW Anti-slavery Commissioner’s Strategic Plan 2023-2026, Working Together for Real Freedom, sets out the following 5 priorities:

Build prevention capacity to ensure New South Wales government and non-government systems can identify vulnerability to modern slavery and prevent victimisation

Enable remedy to improve access for people with lived experience to effective remedy, including essential services, justice, self-determination, and empowerment.

Foster responsible business practices to show leadership in identifying and addressing modern slavery in supply chains and investment portfolios.

Change the narrative to make the case for anti-slavery in a convincing and empowering way.

Develop a community of purpose to lay the foundations for sustainable and inclusive implementation of the Modern Slavery Act, 2018 (NSW).

How we are creating change

The project has had impact by generating an evidence-base for policy change. JMI supported the Office of the Anti-slavery Commissioner’s capacity to engage with evidence by providing dedicated policy strategy and modern slavery expertise. The NSW Anti-slavery Commissioner Dr James Cockayne noted that this gave “us great confidence we were effectively reviewing, synthesizing and absorbing insights from a diverse evidence base.”

We anticipate learning more about the longer-term impact of this project as priorities are implemented in the years ahead.

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Tracking progress