The challenge


The project team from the UTS Human Technology Institute collaborated with Service NSW to develop independent expert advice that proposed a governance framework and training strategy to support Service NSW and the Department of Customer Service in developing and rolling out a safe, reliable, and responsible Digital ID system. Working across several Service NSW teams, the project team harnessed the expertise of a range of stakeholders, including technology vendors, independent experts and community members.

  • Professor Edward Santow, Co-Director, Human Technology Institute, UTS
  • Lauren Perry, Responsible Technology Policy Specialist, Human Technology Institute, UTS
  • Sophie Farthing, Head of Policy Lab, Human Technology Institute, UTS
  • Nella Soeterboek, Institute Manager, Human Technology Institute, UTS

In a nutshell

principles identified to support legislation and policy for NSW Digital ID
policymakers and industry experts attended a policy roundtable
Australian jurisdictions involved in the policy roundtable
experts attended report launch at NSW Future of AI Summit 2023

The HTI project team with Lenka Bradovka, Executive Director Identity.NSW and JMI staff at the JMI-HTI policy roundtable in November 2023.

Policy insights

As part of its independent expert advice to the NSW Government, the project team developed ten principles to inform the governance framework for NSW Digital ID, focusing on four key areas: user protections, performance standards, accountability and oversight, and interoperability.

These principles underscore the importance of relying on more than just state-of-the-art technology. Good digital service delivery requires a systems-wide approach, including clear guardrails, effective governance, skilled staff, and placing human rights at the centre of policy design and decision-making.

How we are creating change

In a world characterised by digital disruption, it is vitally important to harness diverse, deep expertise to help policymakers navigate new challenges and opportunities as they emerge. Through extensive engagement with policymakers, this project boosted collaborative relationships for policy development and contributed to building public sector capability in NSW.

The significance of the project’s findings extends well beyond NSW. The NSW Government is a leader in digital government services and is well-placed to share its learnings widely across jurisdictions. That is why the project team organised a policy roundtable with the support of JMI that brought together representatives from other jurisdictions around Australia to discuss how to collectively build public trust and confidence in digital ID systems.

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Tracking progress